By the Way, it's NOT "JUST A CLEANING"

What $2 Investment Saves You Hundreds?

Parkview + YOU = BFF

Crush Your Ice - Chewing Habit


​​On-the-Go Eats for Clean Teeth


Mouth Feeling Dry? This Could Be Why...

Emphasizes the issues associated with dry mouth and importance of water for overall health

​​A Screening with Meaning

Discusses the importance of the comprehensive oral exam for oral cancer screening

"N"SAID NO! To Opioids

Appropriate Pain Control for the Dental Patient

​Your Smile - The Universal Language

Discusses reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

Is It Just Me, Or Is It Crowded In Here?

Describes indications for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dental Implants - The Last Chance

Discusses reasons for placing a Dental Implant

Every Tooth Deserves a Second Chance

Explains the reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Operation Restoration

Describes the type of materials and procedures to repair teeth

Are Your Gums Firing Up?

Discusses inflammation and its relationship to Gingivitis and Periodontitis

What's Eating You?

Description of Plaque and Bruxism (grinding)

The Great Debate

Addresses the controversy concerning Fluoride and Amalgam (silver filling)


Insurance: Who REALLY Benefits?

Introduction of Parkview Dental Care's In-Office Patient Assistance Savings Program


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