Parkview Dental Care

4020 N. Central Ave.

Chicago, IL  60634

Come meet our Dentist, Hygienists, Assistants, Patient Coordinators and the Practice Coordinator.  We all love dentistry and caring for individuals.


Hello!  We are proud to be your hygienist at Parkview Dental Care.  We come to you with over 50 years of combined service to our community as a hygienist.  Our expertise allows us to perform the same procedures that many other dentists refer to the specialists such as deep cleaning and laser therapy.  Our dental services are provided in a manner that is enthusiastic yet very compassionate to your needs. 

The latest research from leading health care professions link the lack of oral care with heart disease, diabetes and impaired immune systems.  That's why the care of your gums and teeth is very important to us and we want to help you see the importance of the professional teeth cleaning.  

We experience joy when we see our patients make healthy choices resulting in your happy smiles! Its a Win..Win partnership!  Come get your teeth feeling and looking great!

Parkview Dental Care

Hello!  We are the support team at Parkview Dental Care!  We are eager to help you have an enjoyable dental experience.  We are a patient focused office and each of us on the supportive team hope you feel the care and involvement we have in you. 

We love being part of the Parkview Dental Care Team.  The five of us, have a  combined total of over 35 years at Parkview Dental Care.  We look forward to the many more years ahead!  We hope you feel our support in your oral care!  Happy Smiles Begin With Healthy Choices!

Hello!  I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of being a neighborhood dentist providing outstanding quality with an attention to detail.  I am a people person and would like to do my best to understand your individual dental needs with care and respect.  I wanted to make my dental facility unique by having it spacious and inviting.  I desire that you will find it as relaxing as I do and have a wonderful dental experience.

On a personal level - I have three beautiful children.  I am married to my high school sweetheart.  I have lot of varied activities that I enjoy.  I love to read, especially positive good news.  On a weekly basis, I enjoy volunteering my time and energy in a Bible Educational Work.  I find caring for my fish tanks very relaxing as well as riding my motorcycle.